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      How To:
Use giant helium balloons?
Use giant helium balloons when you need to attract attention. Tether the balloons to the ground or a sturdy fixed object on your property away from electrical lines and objects which may puncture the giant balloon.

. What is the ideal height to fly the balloon?
We've found that somewhere in the 100 ft. to 150 ft. range is a good height to fly your giant balloon.

. How large of a balloon do I need?
Go Big! All budgets and locations are different but a large balloon will attract more attention and withstand higher wind conditions.

. What sizes of giant balloons are the most popular?
Our 7 ft. in diameter polyurethane balloons are the most popular follwed by our 8 ft. in diameter balloons.

. Do you have to fill these balloons with helium?
Yes, helium is the gas of choice in the USA; although, other gases are used in other countries.

. How long does it take to get a giant balloon made?
We have hundreds of giant balloons in stock with you don't require lettering or artwork. Please allow 2 weeks for prodution if your giant balloon needs lettering or artwork. Depending on our schedule we may be able to complete your balloon in a day or two.

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large balloons manufacturer big balloons made in USA.
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